Thursday, 13 June 2013

I'm baack!!

Clichéd Shining reference aside, I am indeed back after my long hiatus. Firstly I want to thank everyone that passed on their support and condolences for the incident my family and I suffered through. I really appreciate all your kind comments. 

Three people I particularly want to thank, and whose contributions I am posting today, are Dimitris, Sven and Sean who have helped me fill in some of the albums I was missing.

Dimitris has unearthed the holy grail of releases so to speak, the very first cd released in January 1998...


Sean's contribution from August 2000 completes all the releases from that year...

UNCUT UG-20 26

and Sven's contribution from April 2001 completes all the releases from that year...

UNCUT UG-28 34

I'll also be adding new posts for each in their chronological order, so check under the respective years as well.

I hope to be posting albums from 2002 shortly, so keep an eye on the blog.

Thanks again for everyones support!


  1. Welcome back, great to hear from you! All work and no Uncut makes Jack a dull boy.

    Did you get the 2000.7 I uploaded close to the time of your "incident"? If not I can re-upload.

    I also just got 4 CDs from 2012/2013. Do you want those now as well.


    1. I knew i was missing one! I did upload it but overlooked it when I put this post together last night. Not to worry, I'm going to edit the post and add it as you definitely deserve the credit. Thank for your support man! There's still a lot more to come.

  2. Thank you for the Reel one, nice. Also good to see that you are continuing blogging!