Monday, 24 February 2014

Uncut Magazine 113: The Playlist - October 2006

UNCUT 2006 10: Uncut Playlist – October 2006

1. The Twilight Singers - I'm Ready           
2. Grizzly Bear - On A Neck, On A Spit   
3. The Hidden Cameras - Death Of A Tune         
4. Bert Jansch - A Woman Like You         
5. Sparklehorse - Shade And Honey       
6. Free - Trouble On Double Time
7. James Yorkston - Summer Song          
8. Nina Nastasia - Brad Haunts A Party     
9. Nicky Wire - I Killed The Zeitgeist          
10. Brightblack Morning Light - Friend Of Time    
11. Charlotte Gainsbourg - The Songs That We Sing    
12. The Fratellis - 3 Skinny Girls     
13. The Wooden Wand And Skyhigh Band - Dead Sue          
14. Monty Python - Bookshop      
15. Love - You Set The Scene

Compilation Producer – Andy Tidball, Mick Melkleham
Compiled By – Allan Jones, Roy Carr
Design – Rob Biddulph
Mastered By – Andrew Thompson
Format: mp3 @ 320kbps
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  1. Hi Brendan, I hope this finds you and your family doing well.

    Thanks for continuing to post UNCUT mixes for all to peruse.

    This might be just me, but The Playlist October 2006 link does not open when I click on it I get a - timed out attempt for the browser instead of opening the next page - this happens with 2 different web browsers I use. Let me apologize in advance if this is an issue with my system rather than your link, but for the moment I think it may be an issue with the link?

    In any case, thanks again for all your work with this blog.

    1. Hi Sven, a quick check of the Lix site confirms that the server is offline. This could be temporary or a takedown. The latter would seriously irk me because it means I'd have to republish all the links YET AGAIN. Let's hope it's just a temporary outage. Thanks for letting me know about the issue.

  2. I agree - hopefully this is not a takedown.

    I had compressed (zip archived) a large number of soundtrack albums from my library then provided the links for so they could expand what they post for all to check out (probably they created their own links for sharing), and that was a bit of work, archiving, uploading, and sending out the download links. I bet that gets more irksome when you have to repeat work you already did over and over occasionally because of takedowns; I imagine I would feel something like Charlie Brown in that comic where Lucy always pulls the football away causing Charlie to wipe out instead of kicking the football.

    IF you find this to be a takedown, and you wish to republish all the links, if there is anything I could do to help feel free to ask.

    Also, you can always reach out through my email address (you still have it?) if that helps.

    Hopefully Lix will fix this, I guess we'll see how it goes . . .

    1. All is good it would seem but thanks for the offer of help. With the fickleness of a lot of these file sharing sites I may take you up on your offer if all turns to shit one day.

  3. sven, I had the same problem but it just started working so it should be good to try again.

    Thanks for the download!

    1. Well that's a sigh of relief. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. All very good

    u may be interested to scroll through . . .


    1. Thanks for the link Sven. A great collection but quite a few of the older post links are dead. A pain I only know too well. A real mixed bag of quality albums though.

  5. MOJO collection:

    1. Well noted. It's actually already on my blog list on the right. I've written to him in the past about the Mojo collection and my intention of doing an Uncut blog. He wished me all the best. We're linked to each others sites and I get a ton of traffic from his blog.