Monday, 20 April 2015

Uncut Magazine 125: Global-A-Go-Go! - October 2007

UNCUT 2007 10: Global-A-Go-Go! - October 2007

1. Manu Chao - Mama Cuchara
2. Tinariwen - Assouf
3. Rachid Taha - Rock El Casbah
4. K'naan - What's Hardcore?
5. Mahmoud Ahmed - Atawurulegn Léla
6. Gogol Bordello - Dub The Frequencies Of Love
7. Robert Plant, Justin Adams - Win My Train Fare Home (Live In Timbuktu)
8. Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Orion
9. Bassekou Kouyate, Ngoni Ba, Lobi Traoré - Banani
10. Ry Cooder, Ali Farka Touré - Diraby
11. Ali Farka Touré - Penda Yoro
12. Orlando "Cachaíto" López - A Gozar El Tumbao
13. Amadou & Mariam - La Réalité
14. A Hawk And A Hacksaw - In The River
15. Mali Music, Damon Albarn - Sunset Coming On

Compiled By: Nigel Williamson
Design: Marc Jones
Mastered By – Andrew Thompson
Producer – Mark Bentley and Mick Meikleham
Format: mp3 @ 320kbps
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