Monday, 19 August 2013

Uncut Magazine 100: Highway 61 Revisited – September 2005

UNCUT 2005 09: Highway 61 Revisited – September 2005

1. Drive-By Truckers - Like A Rolling Stone
2. Marc Carroll - Tombstone Blues
3. Paul Westerberg - It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
4. Richmond Fontaine - From A Buick 6
5. Willard Grant Conspiracy - Ballad Of A Thin Man
6. American Music Club - Queen Jane Approximately
7. Dave Alvin - Highway 61 Revisited
8. The Handsome Family - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
9. Songdog - Desolation Row

Artwork By – Kerrin Hands
Illustration By – Kathy Archbold
Compilation Producer – Andy Tidball, Mick Meikleham
Composed By – Bob Dylan
Mastered By – Andrew Thompson
Project Co-ordination – Allan Jones, Roy Carr
Format: mp3 @ 320kbps
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  1. Thanks - Dylan is one of my favorites and these versions by other artists is great to hear familiar tunes sounding refreshed anew instead of repeating always the same old classic tracks.

    . . . favoritism in artistry for me is really more of appreciation as I enjoy each successive song and artist I discover and like as through these Uncut mix surprise finds . . .


  2. Not normally a fan of the Uncut covers collections but there were some good tracks on here, esp. DBT and Dave Alvin. Thanks!

  3. I remember there was another Dylan covers CD round about that time, too. Some of the same artists.

    1. An Uncut compilation? There have been a few preceding this. See January and April of 2005 and also June 2002.