Monday, 19 August 2013

Uncut Magazine 100: Highway 61 Revisited – September 2005

UNCUT 2005 09: Highway 61 Revisited – September 2005

1. Drive-By Truckers - Like A Rolling Stone
2. Marc Carroll - Tombstone Blues
3. Paul Westerberg - It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
4. Richmond Fontaine - From A Buick 6
5. Willard Grant Conspiracy - Ballad Of A Thin Man
6. American Music Club - Queen Jane Approximately
7. Dave Alvin - Highway 61 Revisited
8. The Handsome Family - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
9. Songdog - Desolation Row

Artwork By – Kerrin Hands
Illustration By – Kathy Archbold
Compilation Producer – Andy Tidball, Mick Meikleham
Composed By – Bob Dylan
Mastered By – Andrew Thompson
Project Co-ordination – Allan Jones, Roy Carr
Format: mp3 @ 320kbps
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  1. Thanks - Dylan is one of my favorites and these versions by other artists is great to hear familiar tunes sounding refreshed anew instead of repeating always the same old classic tracks.

    . . . favoritism in artistry for me is really more of appreciation as I enjoy each successive song and artist I discover and like as through these Uncut mix surprise finds . . .


  2. Not normally a fan of the Uncut covers collections but there were some good tracks on here, esp. DBT and Dave Alvin. Thanks!

  3. I remember there was another Dylan covers CD round about that time, too. Some of the same artists.

    1. An Uncut compilation? There have been a few preceding this. See January and April of 2005 and also June 2002.

    2. (5 years late) If I was at home I could easily check without having to look at discogs but iirc their was also at least one or two (might've been one of the buy two copies of the same issue of the mag to get cd1 and cd2 deals) Mojo various artists Dylan covers cds, around the same time.