Friday, 3 February 2012

Uncut Magazine 10: Reel Music 2 - March 1998


Prepare yourself for a rousing weekend of music thanks to Andrew. He's uncovered the one missing album from 1998 that I needed to complete the year: Reel Music 2 - Classic Themes From Classic Movies 

And the title doesn't lie, there are some real (reel) classics here not to be missed. There's no less than 3 John Carpenter compositions, The Great Escape, Raiders of the Lost Ark, A Clockwork Orange, the list goes on. If for nothing else these tracks will surely jog your memories of going the movies when you were a kid. A real (reel) treat for everyone!

1. Elmer Bernstein/The City of Prague Philhamonic - The Great Escape
2. John Carpenter/Daniel Caine - Escape From New York
3. Brad Fiedel/Mark Ayres - The Terminator         
4. Jerry Goldsmith/The City Of Prague Philharmonic - Alien
5. Ennio Morricone/Daniel Caine - The Thing
6. John Williams/ The City of Prague Philhamonic - Raiders Of The Lost Ark
7. Elmer Berstein/The City Of Prague Philharmonic - The Magnificent Seven
8. Jerry Fielding/The City Of Prague Orchestra - The Wild Bunch
9. John Carpenter/Daniel Caine - Halloween       
10. Bernard Herrmann/The City Of Prague Philharmonic - Psycho
11. Ludwig van Beethoven/Mark Ayres - A Clockwork Orange
12. Bernard Herrmann/The City Of Prague Philharmonic - Taxi Driver   
13. Ennio Morricone/The City Of Prague Philharmonic - The Untouchables
14. John Carpenter/Daniel Caine - Assault On Precinct 13        
15. John Barry/The City Of Prague Philharmonic - The Ipcress File
16. Bernard Herrmann/The City Of Prague Philharmonic – Vertigo

A compilation of tracks from Silva Screen Records Ltd. releases given free with the March 1998 issue of Uncut Magazine.

Compiled By - Allan Jones, Roy Carr
Mastered By  - Andrew Thompson
Format: mp3 @ 320Kbps
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