Sunday, 5 February 2012

Uncut Magazine 24: Unconditionally Guaranteed 4

UNCUT UG-5 11: Unconditionally Guaranteed 4 - May 1999

1. Trans Am - City In Flames
2. Jesse Winchester - Mississippi You're On My Mind
3. Paul Westerberg - Lookin' Out Forever
4. Shawn Mullins - Gulf Of Mexico
5. The Olivia Tremor Control - A New Day
6. Primal Scream - Kowalski
7. The Small Faces - Here Comes The Nice
8. Chuck E. Weiss - Sonny Could Lick All Them Cats
9. Black Uhuru - What Is Life?
10. Curtis Mayfield - Billy Jack
11. Grand Drive - Farewell To The Past
12. Mogwai - May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door
13. Parliament - There Is Nothing Before Me But Thang
14. Tom Waits - Get Behind The Mule
15. Oasis - Slide Away

"To the memory of Dusty Springfield." 
Compiled by Roy Carr and Allan Jones
Design: Norman McLoud
The Enforcers: Robin Allan/Mick Meikleham
Format: mp3 @ 320kbps
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  1. Ha, this collection starts off with something a lot heavier than your usual Uncut fare with the almost industrial/metal sounding "City in Flames" and then the next track is the other end of the spectrum, with a gentle acoustic and strings Americana track. Plenty of variety and unpredictability, Just how I like it. This set could be one of the most eclectic I have heard from Uncut. The Paul Westerberg track is a great catchy rocker, as you would expect and overall I have very much enjoyed this interesting collection today while working, with plenty of quality songs but nothing that really stands out from the rest except of course the Oasis track, off their first album, bloody excellen,t and the Parliament is pretty good too as I am not usually into their brand of funk.

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