Monday, 6 February 2012

Uncut Magazine 28: Unconditionally Guaranteed 8 - September 1999

UNCUT UG-09 15: Unconditionally Guaranteed 8 - September 1999

1. Douglas September - Lady & I
2. Kelly Joe Phelps - River Rat Jimmy
3. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Bacon
4. Pulp - My Legendary Girlfriend
5. Richard Thompson - Dry My Tears And More On
6. Blondie - Sunday Girl
7. The Delfonics - Ready Or Not Here I Come
8. Witness - Freezing Over Morning
9. Eddie Cochran - Cut Across Shorty
10. Joy Division - Wilderness
11. Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham - The Dark End Of The Street
12. Dolly Parton - Jolene
13. The Ramones - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
14. Charlie Parker With The Errol Garner Trio - Cool Blues
15. Scott 4 - Hallo Doctor
16. Teenage Fanclub - The Concept
17. Robert De Niro & Liza Minelli - Blue Moon
18. Kim Fowley - Is America Dead ?

Artwork By (Design) - Norman MacLeod
Compilation Producer - Robin Allan
Compiled By - Allan Jones, Roy Carr
Format: mp3 @ 320kbps
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  1. Cheers Roddus -

  2. I was in town last weekend and popped in to the shop where I brought the second hand Uncut CDs and although I didn't find any more old Uncut CDs, I did pick up about a dozen old issues of the magazine pre 2001 when I started collecting and this issue no.28 is now the earliest one I have. I will be reading through this issue and the others over the next few months and commenting in my Blog.

    1. Nice one. Your comments are always welcome. I'm enjoying the reviews you've done so far.

    2. Gonna keep my eyes out for any other old issues in whats left of the second hand book shops round CHCH when I get a chance.

      keep up the blog, I'm looking forward to the later CDs from after I stopped buying Uncut in 2009.

  3. Oh and I was thinking it would also be nice to have a magazine cover picture for each post to go with the CDs, I could scan the one I have. what do ya recon.

    1. Maybe, but I'm not sure if it would look so good with the current format. I wanted the posts to look very clean and not too cluttered. I'll experiment with one or two. I could also potentially add it to the download folder or as a separate folder to download. I think my ultimate goal is to focus on the album rather than the magazine per say. you do a much better job of profiling them than me.

  4. Fair enough,

    Gonna take me a bloody long time :-). I have over 100 magazine to get through, will keep the blog going for quite some time. I will link to your posts for each magazine as i get through them.

  5. Another selection of interesting music to keep us entertained, plenty of good stuff on this one with a couple of highlights including the excellent "Jolene", a song we all know well I am sure and one that I have come to appreciate much more lately due to the excellent guitar melodies. Dolly's singing is great but the songs lyrical content is the songs weakness. Anyway, this set kicks off with a very good Dylanesque track from Douglas September, keeping up the Uncut habit of giving us good Americana. Kelly Joe Phelps continues the Americana with this nice folksy track. Things get a lot more grungy with the dirty blues of John Spencer although this song has a string section.Some early Brit-pop from Pulp is ok but I'm not gonna rush out and buy any of their music on the strength of this song. The Richard Thompson track enhances the quality of this collection but the live Blondie track cancels it out as the next song. The set rolls along nicely with some older tracks and a more recent rocker until we get to a magnificent live version of Joy division's Wilderness. Our next highlight, following a nice folksy Gospel number by Dan Pen is the aforementioned "Jolene" Followed shortly by one of the Ramones better songs of 60s inspired punk pop.The Charlie Parker track is a wonderful piece of early be-bop Jazz adding to the eclectic nature of this collection. A couple of nondescript but listenable songs take us to the fairly horrible "Blue Moon" sung by two actors who can't sing all that well. The final 9 minute epic psychedelic poem by Kim Fowley trying to be a weird Jim Morrison is not all that impressive although it starts off well enough before degenerating into some uncool strangeness.