Monday, 6 February 2012

UNCUT magazine 37: Unconditionally Guaranteed 2000.5 - June 2000


UG-18 24: Unconditionally Guaranteed 2000.5 - June 2000

1. Joseph Arthur - Ashes Everywhere
2. Calexico - El Picador
3. Neko Case & Her Boyfriends - Twist The Knife
4. Chicks On Speed - Glamour Girl
5. Embrace - I've Been Running
6. Kirsty MacColl - Treachery
7. Wagon - Broken Lines
8. XTC - Stupidly Happy
9. The Zombies - Time Of The Season
10. Cosmic Rough Riders - Have You Heard The News Today ?
11. Amon Tobin feat. Chris Morris - Bad Sex
12. Wayne Hancock - Tonight The Rain Is Coming Down
13. Day One - Trying Too Hard
14. Idlewild - Quiet Crown
15. Lambchop - Up With People (Zero 7 dub mix)
16. Home - Burden
17. Micheal J Sheehy - I Can't Comfort You Anymore

Artwork By (Design) - Kerrin Hands
Compilation Producer - Mick Meikleham, Robin Allan
Compiled By - Allan Jones, Roy Carr
Mastered By (Mastering Engineer)  - Andrew Thompson
Format: mp3 @ 320kbps
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  1. More thanks to Dr Feelgood for this one...

  2. Amazing stuff here! I just found out about the Uncut samplers (and your site) via Roddus (who I found through Rare MP3). I'm starting at the back and working my way up and have found a handful deleted from Crocko. Any chance of getting some re-ups?

    thanks for all the great music!

    1. Thanks for your support gtown. Just let me know what links are down and I'll re-up them as soon as I can.

  3. Here are the ones I saw missing:

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    Uncut Magazine 25: Unconditionally Guaranteed 5
    Uncut Magazine 23: Unconditionally Guaranteed 3

    If you prefer the filenames I can get those.

    No rush of course, I have plenty to listen you that you've already provided!

    1. That many huh? I think if they're not downloaded for a while they get deleted by Crocko. Not to worry, I'll get these back up in the next few weeks. Cheers for pointing these out to me Sean.

  4. Sorry, found a bunch more. I hate to ask for so many re-ups but there's so much goodness there. Here's the last of the ones I found deleted.

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    This one didn't have a link in the comments:
    Uncut Magazine 80: The Best Of 2003 – January 2004...

    Now to start an Uncut marathon...


  5. Finally starting to listen to these. Great one here (no surprise based on Roddus' compilation).
    I hadn't heard that Kirsty MacColl track! Usually when Walking Down Madison or Can't Stop Killing You pops up on my player I have to play them a 2nd time (at least). Sad story but she left some great music.
    That Chicks on Speed track is strange but catchy.