Sunday, 5 February 2012

Uncut Magazine 20 : Unconditionally Guaranteed: The Coolest Sounds From The Hottest Bands Of 1998

UNCUT UG-1 7: Unconditionally Guaranteed - January 1999

"The Coolest Sounds From The Hottest Bands Of 1998"
1. The Afghan Whigs – Crazy
2. Ian Brown – Can’t See Me (Bacon & Quarmby Vocal Dub Remix)
3. Fastball – Better Than It Was
4. Jeff Buckley – Everyone Here Wants You
5. Silver Sun – I’ll See You Around
6. Elliott Smith – Between The Bars
7. Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Love Unlimited
8. Gastr Del Sol – The Seasons Reverse
9. Delakota – Metallic Blue
10. Monkey Mafia – Ward 10 (Western Medicine Mix)
11. Plush – Save The People
12. Dr. John – I Don’t Wanna Know
13. Billy Bragg & Wilco – I Guess I Planted
14. Sparklehorse – Hey Joe
15. Sunhouse – Swing Low
16. Jack – Nico’s Children
17. Mercury Rev – Goddess On A Hiway

Compiled by Roy Carr and Allan Jones
Design: Norman McLoud
Production Overlords: Robin Allan/Mick Meikleham
Format: mp3 @ 320kbps 
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  1. So much great music on these compilations and also such an eclectic mix. Some of my favourites are the cover compilations like the CD of Clash covers was a particular stand out as well as the brilliant one of Neil young covers, you can't go wrong with Neil.

  2. I am trying to figure out the numbering on these early discs. My understanding is that the earliest editions didn't come with a CD With Take One being the first issue in May 97'. So is UNCUT UG-1 7 the very first Uncut CD or does the 1 mean January and the 7 mean the seventh CD issued. I doubt that as the numbers just kept increasing with each issue and by the time I started collecting with Issue 53 we were up to UG-34 40. We Still have a difference of 6 between the numbers as there was on all the issues. If this was the first CD then what does the 7 stand for I wonder and that would mean that the first 19 issues had no CD.

    Any way enough of that crap. I was in the city today(not a common event) and I remembered that last time I was there looking around my favourite 2nd hand CD emporium they did indeed have some Uncut compilations in the bins and after seeing this blog I was curious to see just what they had. I was surprised to see they had quite a large collection of Uncut CDs and although I already ad many of them, there were quite a few older one than I expected and for a rather cheep price. Mrs Roddus wasn't too impressed when I arrived home this evening with 34 Uncut CDs. So I may be now in an even better position to help fill in the gaps if you like.

    1. Hey Roddus, I missed this comment the other day but commented on your other posts but didn't have this reply function set up so they are posts and not replies. To add to my woes I accidentally deleted your last post on your CD purchases trying to figure out how to add this function. Anyway, great score on the CDs. I'd definitely be keen to get some of the ones I'm missing.
      Cheers, Brendan

  3. The cover albums are amoung my favourites as well. Lots more of those yet to be posted. Stay tuned.

  4. Which ones do you miss? I've got quite a collection as well...

    1. Most of the really early ones from 1998. Then a few here and there over the later years. But if you have any early ones that would really help.

  5. I think these are the really early ones needed:

    Reel Music - The Coolest Sounds From The Greatest Movies
    Uncut Magazine – UNCUT EMI 1

    Reel Music 2 - Classic Themes From Classic Movies
    Uncut Magazine – UNCUT SS 2
    March 1998

    Screenadelica - Hot Sounds From Cool Movies
    Uncut Magazine – UNCUT EMI 4

    Unknown Pleasures - Rare And Classic Tracks From The Archives Of Demon Records
    Uncut Magazine – UNCUT UP 3

    4AD – UNCUT 4AD 6, Uncut Magazine – UNCUT 4AD 6
    Nov 1998

    1. Exactly! I've had a quick search online and haven't found anything more than references. These ones might be tough to find so I'm hoping someone will come up trumps with some rips.

    2. Yep, I have tried searching for all these online but to no avail. I am hopeing that if and when Chuntao from Rare becomes active again, she might be able to track them down, she has many more resorces than me, via various private online sharing groups and sharing software and had pulled some magical rabbits out of the hat in the past, but has been inactive for the last 6 months.

  6. Highlights for me on this collection: Nothing here that really knocks me out and several that I really don't connect with at all. Worth a mention though is the great melodic powerpop of Silver Sun and their catchy "I'll See You Around", Jeff Buckley is worth a mention because he is pure class and the wonderfully soulful downtempo Sunhouse – "Swing Low" reminds me of my favourite Mofro song "Lochloosa" There are a few other 3 star songs like DR John and Jack to keep this lot interesting.

  7. Please add working link thanks!